Al Ta'if rose oil is world-famous and very rare. It is unclear how roses first came to the Ta'if region in Saudi Arabia, but this precious rose oil has been produced for the past 400 years from 30-petal damask roses grown only in the fields of the fertile highlands in this area. This region boasts the perfect climate of sunny skies, fairly wide day-to-night temperature fluctuations, moderate relative humidity and gentle breezes. Along with abundant groundwater and luscious topsoil this climate facilitates early-morning water condensation which inspire the rose's production of large amounts of high-quality oil. In fact, the micro-climate found in the Al Ta'if region is somewhat similar to those found in the finest grape growing regions of the world.

Flowering occurs only during the month of April, and each day's harvesting begins at the earliest dawn and lasts two to three hours. As the sun continues to rise, the precious rose oils evaporate until by noon the unpicked blossoms contain only 50% of the oil they had at daybreak. The peak of the crop is usually during late April, and each morning a mature 20-30 year old 6-foot high bush can be brimming with hundreds of rose blooms, with each bush producing over 2,000 during the season. The roses are hand-picked, sorted by quality, then importantly double-distilled in batches using a centuries old artisanal method to produce the most glorious and richest rose oils on the planet. The "first pick" oils found in many of ASQ's perfumes refers to the fact that these roses were picked earliest in the day and can contain double the concentration of rose oil than those picked later.

Al Ta'if rose oil is a unique and paradoxical substance. It is quite different from the softer-toned rose oils which are produced using alcohol-based processes in the southern regions of France. While Al Ta'if rose oils are very warm and sensual, at the same time they exhibit a characteristic spicy top note with an underlying sweetness. They are deeply floral, highly persistent and immensely rich. In fact, Al Ta'if rose oils can be so intensely rosy that upon first sniff they can be unrecognizable as a traditional rose note to unfamiliar noses, especially since nearly all rose notes found in Western perfumes are produced using synthetic ingredients.

Even the most concentrated Ta'if rose oils can be absorbed by the skin within 90 minutes, thus they are usually worn over a layer of either odorless mineral oil or a fixative such as musk, amber or oud. 

TWIS is proud to offer you this world-famous and extremely rare product both as part of our Rose Collection and as an ingredient in some of ASQ's blends.