The perfumes in ASQ's The One Collection are some of the finest and rarest in the world. Each blend is a complex symphony of some of the purest natural ingredients found on the planet. Like the members of Royalty these were custom-designed to suit, each perfume has its own unique personality, its own enchanting story and its own secrets to reveal . While all perfumes wear differently on every person, The One Collection takes this to the extreme in that these potent oils will almost certainly offer each user a vastly different and individual experience. 

The One Collection is not for everyone. Very few have had the opportunity to experience the brilliance of this line. These are ultra-high end perfumes that contain significant amounts of ASQ's long-aged ouds and concentrated oils such as ASQ's Al Ta'if Rose Nakhb Al Arous. The perfumes in this Collection have been procured by TWIS for purchase by perfume lovers who have already experienced, or are properly prepared to experience, some of the Middle East's most indulgent and opulent perfumes.

Your Royal journeys will be endless, the notes bewitching and the auras simply entrancing.

Enjoy the ride.

Samples are strongly advised prior to purchase of larger formats.