Through years of hard work and meticulous attention to detail, Agar Aura (AA) has earned a reputation as one the top producers in the world of expertly crafted contemporary artisan oud oils. As such, we believe AA's products are an excellent complement to the long-aged pure ouds we offer from ASQ, as they are produced only in small batches and are usually available for a very limited time.

Due to the nature of the rare woods and craftsmanship involved in creating AA's ouds, some have become benchmarks to which all other ouds are compared. In fact, some AA products are now collector's items worth many times their original price. However, TWIS does not view oud as an "investment" per se, but rather we see these oils as expressions of natural beauty that should be purchased with the intent of being worn and enjoyed

AA's owner and founder, Taha Syed, is a recognized expert in all aspects of agarwood sourcing, grading and processing and is a frequent contributor to online oud forums. Mr. Syed travels extensively to procure rare and exquisite agarwoods from Southeast Asia, the Far East and India, and these woods are meticulously distilled according to his exacting standards to produce AA's rare and exquisite ouds. It is no wonder Mr. Syed's products are enjoyed by some of the world's most knowledgeable, discerning and finicky customers.

We at TWIS consider AA's products to be more than simply oud oils; rather, we believe they are true works of art. One swipe of these ouds catapults us into another time in another world and sends us on an almost inexplicable sensory journey. While some ouds can be harsh and off-putting to some Western palates, we instead find AA's products to be extremely smooth and socially wearable and thus quite amenable for use by newcomers to the genre. Best of all, these world class products are very reasonably priced compared to other high caliber artisan ouds.

Presently, we are offering select branded products from AA's catalog which we believe our customers will find particularly enjoyable, and we expect to add several more products in the coming weeks and months. Over time, TWIS plans to offer an ever-changing selection of AA branded products as well as some AA-distilled exclusive private blends. In fact, there is one already in progress which will arrive in a few months.

We offer AA products in 0.15 gram sample vials, 2.5 gram plain glass bottles and in 3 gram glass crystal bottles. For select products we also offer more affordable 0.75 gm vials to make them accessible to a wider audience. AA samples can also be purchased at a discount as part of our high end "Addicted to Oud" sample pack.