Al MOLOUK - 100% Natural - NEW!

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Cambodi Hakusui Oud (2012), Oud Smoke, Ta'if Rose Petals, Wildflowers, Amber and custom-distilled Mysore Sandalwood

TWIS commissioned JK DeLapp from Rising Phoenix Perfumery to recreate a 100% natural version of ASQ's signature Al Molouk oriental attar, as ASQ's version seems to have suddenly "gone IFRA". The result is absolutely stunning and we are delighted that this product is exclusive to TWIS and that we are able to bring it to you at a great price.

In JK's own words...

"History and culture are often my favorite sources of inspiration. When Mark at TWIS asked me if I would take on the task of recreating one of ASQ's most popular and revered attars, I took it as the perfect opportunity to compose a scent of royalty, power and prestige that conveys a sense of ultimate refinement and perfection. As I needed to remain true to the company's original intent of a majestic and lavish attar, who better to inspire me than the opulence of Middle Eastern royalty?

Al Molouk can be translated into English as The King, and this blend is certainly fit to be worn by one. However, like ASQ's fragrance by the same name, my version of Al Molouk defines more of a sense of "royalty" rather than gender, and its name also underscores the fact that it is composed of the very highest quality ingredients. Thus, this blend is not intended to be worn only by Kings. Rather, I composed it as a unisex perfume for all those who are enchanted with genuine artisanal dark Oud and who enthusiastically embrace natural perfumery. The addition of select rare ingredients have greatly increased Al Molouk's complexity and help to elicit the ephemeral sense of royalty most of us can only dream about.

My all-natural version of ASQ's Al Molouk will take you on a long journey into the daunting mysteries of the darkest Oud and the powerful energy of authentic Ta'if Rose and Mysore Sandalwood which, when touched with gentle Amber and Wildflowers, combine to form a perfume that transforms everyday moments into those of awesome depth and majesty. I brought some edge and an air of sophistication to the dry down of this creation which I proudly offered to TWIS.

Majestic, Exquisite, Rich, Oriental, Timeless - and Absolutely Gorgeous."