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Al Ta'if Rose Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is an exquisite and highly-concentrated rose oil. This product was reformulated by ASQ to be less concentrated and renamed Excellent Al Ta'if Rose Blend, although the MSRP is unchanged.

A one tola bottle of this precious oil is the result of the very slow distillation of 12,000 extremely rare first pick Ta'if roses. After distillation, the rose oil is allowed to sit for several days to permit impurities to precipitate and any remaining water to separate fully. The clear rose oil is decanted and placed directly into closed containers, although most batches still contain some tiny floating particles due to the non-filtered nature of the product. "First pick" refers to the fact that these roses were picked earliest in the day and can contain double the concentration of oil than those picked later. 

Ta'if Rose Blend is warm, highly tenacious, immensely rich and deeply rose-floral with flowery and spicy accords and an almost musky base. In fact, this oil is so intensely rosy that on first sniff can be unrecognizable to the Western nose as a traditional rose note, especially since nearly all "rose" notes in Western perfumes are produced using synthetic ingredients. Fantastic layered over almost any oud but also great as a stand-alone perfume.

Luxurious, romantic, dreamy, and hypnotic.

Our inventory of Al Ta'if Rose Blend was purchased in 2014 prior to ASQ reformulating it and renaming it Excellent Al Taif Rose. THIS ROSE OIL IS SUPERIOR TO THE PRODUCT ASQ IS CURRENTLY MARKETING AS EXCELLENT AL TAIF ROSE.


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