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TWIS compounded this100% natural perfume oil nearly two years ago using nothing but the sticky resin and essential oil from needles of Canadian and Siberian balsam firs. This oil has been aging and mellowing in our lab and is now ready to be enjoyed in your home during the winter season. Much stronger than the synthetic chemical balsam fir candles and other holiday fragrances sold in stores, our Balsam Fir oil is the real stuff, pure and natural balsam fir resin combined with the essential oil obtained from the needles. This oil can be sprinkled on potpourri or placed on stockings, cloth or other home ornaments. However, it's very green so you'll want to use it on surfaces that are hidden or are already green.   

We like to use this as a holiday perfume body perfume, and we dilute it by 50% in odorless mineral oil (baby oil) for this application. This 100% natural product really packs a punch. The oil will be activated by the heat of your skin and you will become a walking holiday balsam fir forest.

As with all our natural perfumes which use resinous materials, if you get this oil on your clothing, it may take two full wash cycles to remove the fragrance. This has happened to us, so we have first-hand experience of this effect although we admit we really enjoy it.. : )