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Mayalsian Oud (2011), Hindi Kachari Oud (2015), Cambodi Oud Pursat (2012), Vintage Mysore (1980s), Pink Ambergris Attar (2012), Allspice (1906), and custom-distilled Mysore Sandalwood

Rarely do we come across a fragrance that is sailing in totally uncharted waters and that we cannot even compare to anything we've worn before. But Bushido is doing that sailing, and it's awesome

Following in his own words is the fascinating story behind Bushido, JK DeLapp's Japanese incense-inspired oud-based attar.

"Years ago, my brother - who is an avid Bonsai practitioner - called me to ask if I could make "Choji Oil". No clue what it was at the time, so I set off to do some research. Turns out, "Choji" is Japanese for "Clove" - and the scent of Clove has a long history in Japanese culture. Clove oil was used to fragrance Tsubaki oil from the southern islands of Japan (the highly prized Camellia oil - the "oil of Geisha and Samurai). This Choji Oil was used to oil the Katana, the sacred blades of the Samurai, as well as the hair of Samurai.

Clove was an expensive and rare imported material, and for centuries was associated with the scent of nobility. Clove was used to scent the Tsubaki oil, which in turn was used to oil the Katana, which over time was absorbed by the scabbard that sheathed the Katana. For this reason, the scent of Choji was the Scent of the Samurai, and would alert anyone nearby that a Samurai was in their presence.

In Japan, Agarwood (Jinkoh) was afforded by only the wealthiest class. For this reason, ruling Samurai families were the original practitioners of Kodo. Jinkoh was used in everything from Kodo, to making Nerikoh, and also used in fragrancing Kimono. Choji, as you would have it - was a common ingredient used in small quantities to enhance the scent of Agarwood.

Before battle, it was a common practice for a Samurai to offer a morning prayer over a Kodo session with Jinkoh. The scent of gently heated Agarwood would waft together with the scent of Choji. These two fragrances were the Scent of the Samurai - and Choji and Jinkoh were the Scent of Bushido - "The Way of the Samurai".

A few years back, an unopened bottle of Vintage 1906 Allspice Oil came into my possession. Amazingly, time has softened the bite of spiciness, and has created a lovely Coumerinic drydown that smells of Tonka. Although not Clove – this century-old Allspice had notes of Clove, and I am very fortunate to have acquired it. 

I knew that Hindi, Cambodi, and Malay woods were part of the Rikkoku, and were "known Agarwoods" during the time of the Samurai. As luck would have it, I was wearing my Ma-lindi while filling an order for my Cambodi Pursat (my Ma-lindi being a combo of a sweet as can be 2011 Malay and my phenomenal Hindi Kachari). As I opened the bottle, the combined scent of three Ouds hit me, and Bushido was born!

I had been longing to recreate what I imagine a Samurai warrior would smell like on the brink of battle. When I finally found myself with the required ingredients in hand and the inspiration to move forward, this desire became a reality.

I composed Bushido using a select few ingredients that were the "common core" to all Japanese incense compositions in centuries past. Spices compliment Oud so nicely, giving it a warmth and vibrancy. Ambergris lends its exalting and fixative properties to give this oil an almost 3-D feel.

Needless to say...Bushido smells like a sophisticated aristocrat. Are you the trained killer who can wear it?"

TWIS offers Bushido in sample and 3 gm formats, and also as part of our Rising Phoenix Sample Pack.

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