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Endamage is the newest attar produced by Agar Aura which is exclusive to TWIS. This blend is an approachable Malaysian oud-based fusion of traditional Arabian and modern French perfume genres.

One of the most popular Agar Aura attars ever was the unusual Intiqa’ie - its first union of Middle Eastern and French perfumery. Endamage is the undisputed successor. With buckets of jungly oakmoss at the base (yes, the real thing) together with opening notes of sparkling grapefruit, bergamot and pink pepper, the French connection is clear. But melding the Eastern elements with the Western was more challenging when formulating Endamage because AA wanted to make this one even more dramatic than its predecessor. More challenging it may have been, but the result is a remarkable (and addictive) contrast of delicate and rugged, familiar and exotic, Western and Eastern.

The union of two scent wheels of utterly different genres creates a unique palette that will have your nose glued to your wrist. Italian bergamot brings out the natural citrusy notes of frankincense, and juniper and cedar fuse with rich oud extracted from precious Malaysian agarwood, to create a rich woody base. The top notes are kissed by delicate notes of French lavender, Bulgarian rose and geranium, but also singed by the fiery licks of rock rose, clove and pepper. Saffron, warm myrrh and sizzling frankincense sing their oriental tunes in the background.

Like its predecessor Intiqa'ie, Endamage is very oud-intensive. But the careful blending of the ingredients results in a seamless composition of aromas that will captivate your senses and allure those around you. If you're new to oud or have never smelled real oud before (and rarely is real oud used in mainstream 'oud perfumes'), don't worry. As abundant as the oud may be in this attar, it was designed specifically with the Western nose in mind.

Endamage is available in 2.5 gm and  0.15 gm high recovery V-vials, and also in 3 gm available in the very popular TWIS exclusive glass crystals bottles with hard cases, also as shown. More info on high recovery V-vials can be found here...

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