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TWIS has created this beautiful and soothing highest quality potpourri and home fragrance oil using 100% natural ingredients. In this oil you will enjoy a mixture of silver fir, white cedar, black spruce, fir balsam, cypress and other ingredients that make the blend nearly irreproducible by others. While balsam fir is present in this blend, this does not smell like our Balsam Fir oil in that it encompasses many other species of trees...and a few other ingredients. It's as if you'll be walking through a beautiful pine forest and finding a few pleasant olfactory surprises along the way.

We like to use this oil as a perfume, but we dilute it by 50% with mineral oil (unscented baby oil) because it's quite strong. 

TWIS offers our diffuser oils in 15 ml (1/2 oz) and 30 ml (1 oz) sizes. These will shipped in either brown or cobalt blue essential oil bottles that will resist degradation due to sunlight. The caps are made to be resistant to the longer-term corrosion effects that strong essential oils could have on certain plastics.

As with all our natural perfumes and diffuser oils, if you get the oil on your clothing, it may take two full wash cycles to remove the fragrance. This has happened to us, so we have first-hand experience of this effect on clothing although we admit we often enjoy it.. : )