Kannam 100-yr Aged Oud, REFORMULATED

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Black, rich and unctuous. The one you will treasure more than any other. Your very own precious.  Kannam (Thaqeel) is the thickest and most viscous pure oud ASQ offers.  

Kannam 100-yr oud is a kaleidoscopic pure oud that will take you on a personal atmospheric journey to many ports of call. There is no way to describe the way anyone will actually wear this or where your body chemistry will take you with it. It simply has to be experienced.

Kannam is not for beginners. It is to be worn only by those adventurers wishing to be transported to an olfactory universe where they will be challenged, mesmerized, educated and caressed...all at the same time.

This is the same reformulated product currently being marketed by ASQ. 

Photos are for display purposes only. ONE BOTTLE and ONE SAMPLE REMAINING.