Oud Musk AAA Blend

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Oud Musk* AAA Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is one of the house's most popular blends. It is a melding of natural white musk and fine aged sweet Cambodian oud. A captivating and creative collaboration incorporating other natural oils such as mixed flowers and woods and even some amber notes, this is an exquisite melding of the major building blocks of Middle Eastern perfumery. 

Oud Musk is a fairly strong and long-lasting blend that is more musky with a warm oud base that drifts in and out. Thus, Oud Musk AAA can be easily worn during the daytime by a newcomer to Middle Eastern fragrances, as it combines a pleasant non-animalic musk with a woody accord. 


We are selling the 2015 reformulated version of this product which is currently being marketed by ASQ.

* This product does not contain genuine deer musk.

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