Crystal Glass Bottles!

TWIS is proud to offer our own custom-manufactured line of glass crystals in three sizes, as well as some branded ASQ 3 ml glass and glass crystal bottles in which to store your precious perfumes.

TWIS searched the globe to find an artisan manufacturer for our stunning glass crystals that would meet our strict quality and reliability standards. Like ASQ and Agar Aura ouds and attars, our crystals are produced with precision by expert craftsmen with years of experience and are befitting to hold such exquisite perfume oils. These glass crystal bottles are the perfect match for ASQ and Agar Aura products and would make a wonderful gift.

We also have a very limited number of rare branded ASQ 3 ml glass crystals that will hold 1/4 tola of perfume oil. These crystals could not be found outside the Middle East until now, and you can only find these at TWIS.

TWIS is also offering another very limited edition ASQ logo 3.75 ml golden metal-coated glass bottle. These are very sturdy and are great for traveling, or if you simply want to look cool while swiping your hard-to-find ASQ perfume from your shiny golden bottle.