TWIS is making vast improvements to both long and short term oud storage and transport by including 0.15 gm, 0.75 gm and 2.5/3.0 gm high recovery V-vials with all Agar Aura and select ASQ products at no additional charge.

V-vials are a superior solution. Unlike the typical glass bottles provided with purchases of even the most expensive ouds which trap oils in nooks and crannies, our V-vials will allow you to extract every last bit of precious oil without the use of diluents or heat. Even better, when used in conjunction with our new 0.15 ml V-vials smaller amounts of oil can be transported and applied without fear of theft or contamination of your primary bottles or of product getting lost in typical flat-bottomed vials.

The primary advantage of high recovery vials is that unlike standard octagonal bottles with narrow necks, V-vials cannot trap precious ouds in nooks and crannies because there are none. Plus our sturdy V-vials are fabricated from lab grade non-leachable borosilicate glass which virtually eliminates migration of contaminants contained in normal glass (which is itself a liquid) into your precious oud oils over time. We have also fitted our 0.75 and 3 ml vials with tough phenolic caps with polycone inserts which provide an ultra-tight seal thus preventing oil from seeping into cap threads. Further, our 3 ml vial is graduated to allow for more precise determination of remaining product volume.

Our 0.15 ml travel/sample V-vials are also built to last as they are fabricated from pharmaceutical grade polypropylene. These vials have a much larger diameter than typical vials and sit squarely on flat surfaces thus allowing them to stand upright with less chance of toppling over. We fitted these vials with ultra-snug caps with integrated plastic applicators thus nearly eliminating the potential for leaks and for ease of application by people on the go. 

TWIS ships every V-vial with a pre-printed oil-proof label for the product ordered which facilitates identification and offers a long label life.

What TWIS V-vials are not. Our 0.75 ml and 3 ml glass V-vials are not intended to be used with applicators which are reinserted into the vials after contacting your skin. We believe V-vials with detached glass applicators are the optimal solution for minimizing product contamination.

As such, TWIS ships each V-vial with a complimentary hand-crafted borosilicate glass and natural stone applicator shown HERE. If used and cleaned properly these applicators can virtually eliminate the contamination of your precious products which could change their scent profiles over time. Applicators may also be purchased separately.

NOTE: TWIS does not sell high recovery V-vials individually. We include these vials as complimentary only with the purchase of any Agar Aura and select ASQ products as noted in individual product descriptions.

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