TWIS is very proud and excited to welcome Rising Phoenix Perfumery as our newest affiliate. We have been working with RPP over the past year to develop proprietary fragrances to be distributed exclusively at TWIS, and these products have exceeded our expectations.

We are also very impressed with the integrity and dedication of RPP's Founder and CEO, JK DeLapp, who has managed to carve out his own niche in a very crowded field of natural perfumers and procurers of rare materials. While we have found the authenticity and quality of the materials used by other perfumer's to be suspect, JK's materials and products are precisely as advertised and are of the highest quality.

For the thousands of years perfumers have practiced their art, nature has been both their inspiration and the source of their materials. From simple mixes of basic raw materials to exquisite and complex blends of painstakingly prepared distillates, perfumes and perfumed products have enriched our lives and the lives of our predecessors. These products have made all of our lives sweeter, fuller, and more enjoyable. Perfumers’ creations were used in temples, palaces and ordinary homes; their containers are found among the artifacts of most ancient civilizations. 

Rising Phoenix Perfumery, based in Atlanta, Georgia, aims to create the type and quality of fragrances that were so highly prized throughout history. This is precisely why we chose RPP to be our newest affiliate.

We will be bringing more of RPP's products to market over the next few months, so please sign up on our mailing list for advance notices of new product releases and special promotions.