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Arrangements of Bolero, citrus peel oils, melissa, Al'Taif rose, vanilla, cognac absolute, mate, cocoa, yarrow, orris butter, damp soil, Thai oud

Symphony by TWIS is the most oud-centric and complex in our line but it is the only product containing oud that was not produced in Malaysia; rather the oud we used in Symphony was distilled in Thailand thus it is a bit sweeter and lighter yet still acts as a great fixative and greatly increases longevity.

As Symphony begins to play you will get bright citrus notes and whiffs of rose. The citrus stems from our use of petitgrain citronelle, melissa and verbena. ASQ's Al Ta'if Rose Blend is tucked just underneath. After the rose, vanilla, bay rum (non-alcoholic) and a few other ingredients such as mate, cocoa and yarrow guide you through the middle, they will drop you off at the fantastic drydown. This phase is anchored by orris, a bit of TWIS' Dark Ground parfum, vanilla and of course that gorgeous Thai oud which keeps morphing for hours.

Unisex and truly a fun ride.

Sold as a 0.25 ml pure perfume (parfum) sample, 3 ml and 6 ml parfums and a 15 ml edp spray.

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