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Warm breezes, petitgrain citronelle, lavender, lavandin, bergamot, helichrysm, cypress

Island of Cyprus concentrated perfume oil is one of most popular products. Its composition was inspired by a trip we took to Italy's Almafi Coast and the Island of Capri a few years ago. We can remember the olive and citrus trees, the herbs ad spices as if the trip was yesterday. Despite the many perfume shops that can be found there, very few perfume ingredients can be grown on Capri due to its rocky landscape, so we took some artistic license in naming this composition. Indeed, southern Europe is a wonderful part of the world that yields some of the finest perfume ingredients on the planet.

The Island of Cyprus contains nearly 20 ingredients, but the most prominent are helichrysm, Italian bergamot, petitgrain citronelle, mastic, helichrysum and of course three types of lavender. There are some hints of conifers in there, as well.

This perfume has such special meaning that every time we open the bottle Italy, Capri and the breathtaking views we had from Portofino make us want to visit again. The smells are simply intoxicating.

Available in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.     

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