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Longevity, orris butter, bergamot, genet, neroli, bergamot, sweet basil, rosemary verbena, violet, Malaysian oud

Orris on Steroids by TWIS is an idea sparked by a friend roughly a year ago when we first began developing our line of fragrances. Orris is the dried and ground-up roots of the iris flower which have been aged three years or longer. Orris butter, a waxy light yellow solid at room temperature of varying "irones" contents, is almost always the end product. TWIS has used the highest irones content available in the market (15%) in all our perfumes.

Orris does not smell like the iris flower, rather has a woody, dense and oily character with a hint of violet and acts as a fixative. 

In Orris On Steroids we have combined a healthy dose of orris butter with Malaysian dark oud by Agar Aura, neroli, bergamot and since orris and violet often act synergistically in perfumes we have added some violet, as well. There are 6 other ingredients that complement the scent profile.   

Sold in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.     

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