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John Lennon's spirit, benzoin, lenstique, saffron, tonka bean, cedarwood, frankincense, myrrh, beeswax, Malaysian oud 

Peace concentrated perfume oil was created to give us an olfactory focal point so that we may contemplate how we can help make both ourselves and the world better, safer and happier. No guarantees, but like John Lennon, we hope it works.

There are over 20 ingredients in Peace, but they blend seamlessly into a perfume that will calm your spirit and open your heart. The major ingredients in Peace are benzoin, frankincense, tonka bean and cedar, but myrrh, saffron and many other spices and flowers help to bring everything into harmony. Some dark Malaysian oud and styrax hold down the bottom to give Peace a chance.

Peace is available in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.     

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