TWIS believes that our customers should have the opportunity to store all their oil products safely, not just those purchased from us. Thus for the first time we are making available our empty 1.0 ml, 1.5 ml and 3 ml High Recovery V-vials made from lab quality borosilicate glass with no other purchase required.
Each V-vial has an inverted poly-cone cap which ensures a tight seal to prevent migration of oils into the cap threads if used carefully.  


Each V-Vial purchased will also include its own applicator made from borosilicate glass to enable both easy application and proper cleaning of the applicator to reduce the oil contamination caused by reinsertion of typical plastic applicators into bottles.

V-vials, also known as high--recovery vials, will also allow the retrieval of nearly 100% of the oils out of the vials in undiluted and unaltered form. This is very much unlike the typical oddly-shaped bottles or those with flat bottoms, which precludes removal of those last precious drops without heating and/or dilution.

Our convenient 1 ml size V-vials will hold 0.75 gm of oil, and can be used to carry a small amount of product to work or for travel without fear of theft or contamination of one's larger bottles.

Our glass V-vials are fabricated from heavy lab grade non-leachable borosilicate glass which virtually eliminates migration of contaminants contained in normal glass (which is itself a liquid) into precious oud oils over time. We have also fitted our v-vials with polycone inserts which provide an ultra-tight seal without allowing oil to seep into cap threads. Also, our 1.5 ml and 3 ml vials are graduated to allow for more precise determination of remaining product volume.

Our V-vials are not intended to be used with applicators which are placed back into them after contacting skin. Rather, these products are provided for those who do not wish to contaminate their costly oils with dead skin cells, lotions, soaps, perfumes and other biochemical debris which could be picked up with each contact of a typical rough-surfaced plastic applicator with skin. As such, each V-vial will be shipped with one borosilicate glass applicator rod. If used and cleaned properly our glass applicators can virtually eliminate oud contamination which may change an oil's scent profile over time. from continuous contact during storage with typically rough-surfaced plastic applicators which have previously contacted skin.