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Indian Dimasa Oud (2015), Frangipani (India), traditionally-distilled Mitti Attar (2005), traditionally distilled Champa Attar (2009), custom-distilled Mysore Sandalwood, Amber 

TWIS is proud and privileged to offer a special perfume from Rising Phoenix Perfumery which was designed by JK DeLapp to honor one of his very dear friends. We are delighted that Aziz Attar is exclusive to TWIS and that we are able to offer such a high quality product at an affordable price.

In JK's own words...

"Many not familiar with my work may not know that I am a licensed physician specializing in Chinese and East Asian medicine, as well as a perfumer and compounder of various Japanese and Arabian-style incense. While this is an unusual combination of skills for a resident of the Western hemisphere, I am often humbled because many of my perfume clients have also become my patients, and vice versa. Aziz Attar was incepted precisely because of the two worlds in which I find myself.

In 2015, an utterly lovely fellow named Aziz became ill and reached out to me for some oils and incense. He asked me for products to help ease his Mind and Spirit through his illness and pain. Thus at first he was a discerning perfume client, but eventually became both my patient and a close friend. 

Through our discourse, I have learned that my new friend has a compelling and unique life story. In fact, his story is so fascinating that I recently learned that PBS will be producing a documentary about his unique and inspiring life. While he is excited to begin his newest and most unexpected journey in life, now I was the one feeling inspired!

Borrowing from both his faith and the high spiritual value he places on perfumery ingredients, and combining this with my understanding of the materials from a medicinal perspective, I wanted to compose a fragrance that might comfort him through his illness. After experimenting with various combinations of ingredients which were custom-crafted by artisans in India, Aziz Attar was born.

Aziz and I loved this oil so much that we felt it was just too good to keep to ourselves, so we decided to share the goodness with our friends at TWIS!"

TWIS offers Aziz Attar in sample and 3 gm bottle formats and also as part of our Rising Phoenix Sample Pack.

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