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Troll breath, kiln-dried earth, vetiver, mushroom, patchouli, ginger, cypriol, black pepper, Thai oud 

Dark Ground by TWIS is our most popular custom perfume oil blend. It is not a coffee-based fragrance as the name might apply, although there is a bit of coffee absolute in the composition. Rather, Dark Ground is our attempt to provide the wearer the amazing smell of our land, but especially the ground-stuff you will find in forests including roots and in the brush...a bit damp mossy, and often muddy, but to give one the sense that we exist on a living, breathing planet. This is a relatively strong scent that smells like everything and yet nothing. It is ambiance personified. These scents are all around us, yet we seldom stop long enough to listen.

In Dark Ground you will find authentic Thai oud, vetivers, mushrooms, patchouli, orris, ginger root, cypriol black pepper and of course some Thai oud is in there to anchor the bottom. This fragrance opens up fairly clean, but within minutes you enter the middle stages where you are taken to smell things that live on and beneath a scorched earth.  

Sold in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.

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