Furusiyya Black Incense EdT

$ 7.95

Furusiyya (Foo-roo-shee'-ya) Black Incense men's eau de toilette by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi is one four moderately-priced offerings in the Company's Incense Series which was developed to celebrate the "true legacy of Arabian horses where the knight captivates the heartbeats with his presence and his personality". While we acknowledge the generations of splendid horsemen from Saudi Arabia's past, fortunately the edts in this series smell wonderful and nothing like horses. ASQ uses coumarin as an ingredient throughout this Series which does provide a note of sweet freshly cut hay, which we suspect is where the connection lies.

Black Incense is a men's Oriental edt with a base of real oud and amber with top notes of Ta'if rose, saffron, jasmine, sweet hay and violets. Great for daytime use as it is playful and effervescent yet retains a masculine edge. Black Incense has very good projection due to its strong top notes with the middle and base carried by oud and amber. We find it to have moderate longevity which is greatly enhanced when layered over many other ASQ perfume oils such as Abdul Samad Al Qurashi AA Blend and Body Musk, to name just a few. As with the other edts in this series, Black Incense is an outstanding standalone fragrance but we find it is unmatched when worn on top of a rich oil base.

Available only in sample vials and 80 ml bottles. 80% alcohol by volume.


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