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In Taha's own words...

Hearken to the melodic notes of this oud, for they have a tale to tell. To date, there have only been 3 Agar Aura oils of this genre ever created. Of them, one Malaysian oud was the outrageously popular Pencerahan, and the other is this new oud, Inderapura Encens

The beauty of Inderapura Encens is that it is a "crossover" oud that captures a facet of every single genre of Agar Aura's oud genres. Through an ingenious combination of ultra modern and more classic extraction methods, this oud features remarkable scent notes -- rarely experienced together in one oil. Take the brilliantly sparkling top notes of Pencerahan, and make them prettier. Where the former was extracted from North Malaysian raw materials, Inderapura Encens was juiced from agarwood harvested in the jungles of southern Malaysia. This fact alone takes the rugged notes of Pencerahan and garnishes them with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and hints of florals, washed in a tropical breeze from the South China Sea.

The heart and base notes boast the richness and depth of Cantik Candan, due to the use of a closed reflux system which seasons the hydrosol and perpetually refeeds it into the boiler during distillation. This is also one of the reasons why Inderapura Encens smells so incensey. 

Dry crackling woods and smoke. Layers of creamy liquid resin on top of that, and embellished with the mouthwatering top notes that agarwood from this region is famed for. This is OUD.

With a broad spectrum of scent notes that's hard to match, this is an oud so rich Raja Kecik of the old Inderapura kingdom himself would have been honored to have it in his collection.

Produced in limited quantity exclusively for TWIS.


Picture for display purposes only. Applicator will be plain borosilicate glass wand.