MUSK ROSE ATTAR - 100% Natural - NEW!

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Cambodian Oud (2015), Centifolia Rose essential oil (Russia), artisan-produced Champa Attar (2009), custom-distilled Mysore Sandalwood, artisan-produced Hina Musk Attar (2003)   

TWIS is excited to introduce Musk Rose Attar* from Rising Phoenix Perfumery. This fragrance was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious 2016 Art and Olifaction Awards competition held in Los Angeles in May. While this perfume did not win, it is very clear why Musk Rose was nominated above hundreds of other fragrances. While musk and rose are not an uncommon combination in Middle Eastern perfumery, JK DeLapp acquired a rare Russian rose absolute and found just the right way to use it in compounding a gorgeous oud and sandalwood-based fragrance.    

In JK's own words...

"Musk Rose (Rosa moschata) is an actual flower, but distillations of the flower are quite rare. I wanted to make a beautiful perfume that smelled like a very vivid Musk Rose, but I needed to find the raw materials required to recreate such a rare beauty.

I searched far and wide for materials that could help me recreate the scent of a Musk Rose, and I found them in traditional Indian Attars. An Attar is a traditional Indian fragrance produced by distilling one or multiple materials into Sandalwood, but finding genuine luxurious Attars is difficult because India itself consumes 80%-90% of all Attars produced there. It follows that these Attars are quite rare outside of India.

I began with the finest Rose extract I could find. I wanted my Musk Rose Attar to be more than “just Rose”. I wanted it to be so incredibly juicy that just a smidge of it would transport its wearer to a Sultan's private rose garden! After searching for several years, I finally found the best Rose oil I have ever experienced and chose to make it the core of my composition. Oddly enough, this ingredient was produced in a location which is not normally associated with top quality rose oils...a Russian Centifolia Rose oil.

I required some more Top Notes to flesh out the Rose, and this is where I turned to the rare, genuine Indian Attars. I chose a Champa Attar that just smells amazing: Apple Blossoms on the Top, with a Champa Heart that you can almost take a bite out of, with tenacious animalic Base Notes. Together with the Rose, this Attar creates an almost 3-D feeling of being surrounded by velvety roses.

To this core I added a genuine Indian Hina Musk Attar. This Attar contained over 100 ingredients and took more than three months to distill. Its ingredients included a range of mosses, dozens of woods, spices, and resins, floral extracts of Gulab (Rose), Chemeli (Jasmine), Davana, Kewra and other florals, all distilled into pure Indian Sandalwood. Hina Musk Attar is the most sensuous, all natural botanical musk available, and I am very fortunate to have had the connections to acquire it.

These 3 unusual materials - Russian Rose, Champa Attar and Hina Musk Atar - are laid in a bed of custom-distilled Mysore Sandalwood, with a touch of Cambodian Oud. You have to experience this attar to believe it."

*This product does not contain authentic deer musk. The musk in this product is botanically based.

TWIS offers this awesome Musk Rose Attar in sample and 3 gm bottle formats, and also as part of our Rising Phoenix sample pack.