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Siberian Deer Musk Tincture, 10% (2014)

Many of our customers have recently been asking us to procure an authentic Deer Musk product. Unfortunately, the ASQ branded "deer musk" products we have sold in the past have become IFRA-compliant and thus they now contain no genuine musk. We know this because IFRA-compliant products contain steroids which are always present in the deer musk pods from which authentic musk is obtained. Through GC analysis we found that our branded "deer musk" product no longer contains these steroids, thus it cannot be authentic.  

We searched for a product which we could be certain was genuine and reproducible, but this proved to be a more difficult task than we had anticipated. After obtaining and evaluating samples from many suppliers of purported "authentic deer musk", one of the things we did learn for certain is that there are a lot of folks out there who are getting ripped off. Clearly, there are many consumers who believe they are buying genuine musk but are instead purchasing "pretty" synthetic macrocyclic, polycyclic or alicyclic musk products which are commonly used in modern perfumery and which are not regulated by IFRA. We found that a good rule of thumb when evaluating the authenticity of a musk product is its price, as genuine musk products are not inexpensive. If you have found a "great deal" on a genuine musk product on the internet, especially on the auction sites, it's probably fake.

While pictures of musk pods posted on the websites of purported suppliers of "authentic deer musk" look real enough, we could prove with certainty that only three of the vendors whose products we tested were actually selling the genuine product. By extrapolation, we cannot even imagine how much money is being wasted by unsuspecting customers.

One of the few vendors we found to be selling genuine deer musk is Rising Phoenix Perfumery, thus we are offering JK DeLapp's homemade 10% tincture of authentic Siberian Deer Musk to our customers. While most vendors purport to sell 3% tinctures, the musk pods used in our tincture were steeped in organic ethanol for over one year at a ratio of 1 gm of musk to 9 grams of alcohol. Thus we are selling a concentrated 10% tincture which is typically used by perfumers in blending alcohol-based fragrances.

Note that we are selling an alcohol-based product, not an oil-based attar. Musk attars are made by macerating musk pods in high quality sandalwood for a long period of time, often for three years or more. Much more musk is required to manufacture a given volume of an attar versus that of a tincture. For this reason, genuine oil-based musk attars are often priced up to ten times higher than the musk tincture we are selling. As with musk tinctures, we cannot imagine how much money is being wasted by unsuspecting consumers on fake musk attars. We plan on introducing a genuine deer musk oil-based attar in the near future.  

APPLICATION: Many of our customers have never smelled genuine deer musk in its pure form, so they are surprised when we tell them that authentic musk smells animalic and often fecal. It is seldom worn as a standalone fragrance, probably because of this and because it is a bit pricey to wear on its own as an everyday perfume. We suggest spraying it on the wrist, letting the musk dry, then applying a fragrance to the site of the application as a musk enhancer and fixative. You will not necessarily know the musk is "working" because it is difficult to smell musk after another fragrance is layered on top of it. Rather, what you should notice is that your layered fragrance lasts considerably longer than normal, the top notes are extended and that the fragrance has more depth.