TWIS 5-Sample Extrait Pack

$ 25.00

If you can't decide which extrait you like the most from the product descriptions, perhaps purchasing the discounted 5-sample pack is your answer. We are offering this at a 20% discount versus purchasing single samples. You are essentially getting one perfume for free!

NEW! This pack now ships with 5 special thick spray sample cards, which will absorb the perfumes much like clothing. The paper fibers will hold onto the larger molecules such as musks and resins for days and will effectively “spread out” the drydown of the perfume for more precise evaluation of the extrait. 

I hope you enjoy this sampler. Feedback is welcome either via TWIS website reviews, or on Parfumo, Basenotes or on Fragrantica. Or you can simply email me at

You can order the sample pack internationally as it would be shipped via US First Class International mail, and it is unlikely there will be any hassles in customs. Please request a shipping quote from me via It would be a lightweight package, so it won't be very costly.  

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