$ 6.95

Clean air and sunshine, lavender, lavandin, lime, neroli, oakmoss, styrax, patchouli, hay, tonka bean, liatrix, geranium bourbon, Hawaiian sandalwood

TWIS' Ultimate Fresh Fougere concentrated perfume oil was compounded to give the wearer a feeling of the fresh outdoors and that someone must have left the windows open. You will experience four different types of lavender, but not that cheap soapy kind you find in department store lavender-based products. You will also smell neroli, oakmoss, styrax, patchouli, tonka bean and geranium oil from Egypt.

Ultimate Fresh Fougere contains high concentrations of high quality Hawaiian sandalwood and hay and tonka bean absolutes. We could wear this one every day and people would love us for it.

For men who want to be very fresh.

Sold in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.