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TOP NOTES: Bergamot, cedar, lemon verbena

MIDDLE NOTES: Fossilized amber, ambreine, leather, woods, carnation

BOTTOM NOTES: Malaysian oud, cypriol, oakmoss, patchouli, musk

The idea for STRATIX came to me while donning my leather hiking boots, then traveling through a dense forest, but at that point STRATIX was still not a complete idea. However, when I removed my boots after the hike, the soles still smelled of moss and earth and crushed leaves to the point that it unexpectedly approached an ambery note. By sheer luck, at the same time I happened to be imbibing a post-hike electrolyte drink with a strong citrus wallop. That was the surprising final piece to STRATIX.  

I have recreated the same feeling I had after my hike by featuring 35 million year old Himalayan amber (think Jurassic Park) and real artisanal Malaysian oud from Agar Auga, my favorite supplier when TWIS was an oud distributor.

Decidedly unisex, STRATIX can be worn both at work and for nights out on the town. This one will definitely get you noticed, as it casts an attractive complex net around you. Not for wimps. 

Shipped in a gorgeous 50 ml hand-polished glass crystal bottle with etched golden TWIS logo, beautiful white pearlescent box and solid metal cap. 

Note that in the photo our STRATIX box is surrounded by some of the natural ingredients contained in the perfume.

Longevity (typical): 20 hours

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