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Egyptian hieroglyphics, orris butter, saffron, kaffir, henna leaf, benzoin, pink and blue lotus, galangal, frankincense, spices, dark Malaysian oud  

Pyramids concentrated perfume oil by TWIS is meant to give the wearer a feeling being in Northern Africa and the Asian subcontinent in the early 1st century. As such, it is fairly unique in the world of perfumery. We have tried to include ingredients that were used as elixirs and perfumes for celebrations during that time.

Thus we have included frankincense, blue and pink lotus, rose, labdanum, benzoin, cinnamon bark, henna leaf, saffron, orris and roughly ten other ingredients including a good dose of dark Malaysian oud as a fixative. The drydown of Pyramids is especially interesting as some of the deeper base notes gently escort you out of your seemingly endless journey. 

Available in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.     

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