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Abdul Samad Al Qurashi 100-yr old oud

January 2015 reformulated version (L) of an ASAQ amber attar vs the legacy product which had previously been distributed outside KSA. ASAQ products were reformulated to comply with IFRA so the company could expand into Western markets. 




TWIS lab main work area: organ w/dropper bottles (raw materials and previously composed accords), secondary raw material storage (aluminum containers, rear), heater/mixer and scale (left) and argon tank/regulator (bottom right).

Not in photo: storage area for natural core blends, completed accords and final compositions; racks of in-progress test vials; laptops; additional raw matl storage, filling, packaging & shipping area; fridges/freezers; lab glass and disposables storage, microwave.


Balsam fir absolute, 40% dilution EtOH

Balsam fir absolute (40% EtOH) double filtered, suspended solids removal

Balsam fir absolute, filtered, ready to use in blending

Blending an accord containing Bitter Orange essential oil

Grey Stone Castle, aged 100% natural core blend to be mixed with other ingredients

Grey Stone Castle, completed concentrate (98%), to be further diluted to 30% in EtOH

Six completed perfumes being stored under argon blankets in polypropylene filling carboys, 60-65 F

12 ml and 40 ml test vials

Bottle and vial capping machine


Capped 50 ml bottles

Assembled bottle ready for labeling

Bottle labeling machine

Peace, labeled 50 ml bottles

STRATIX, capped and labeled 50 ml bottles


PEACE, 50 ml bottles boxed and ready for bagging

Finished products

Product photography

Finished product photos


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