Mediterra Extrait

$ 145.00

TOP NOTES: Yuzu, petitgrain citronair, peach, salt water 

MIDDLE NOTES: Cognac, orris, olive, immortelle, mastic

BOTTOM NOTES: Cypress, musk, seaweed, ambergris

My inspiration for Mediterra will be obvious to anyone who has explored Italy’s Almafi Coast. It has been ten years since my last visit, but while there I developed the central theme for a fragrance that defined the region, and it remained in my olfactory memory until I had the opportunity to bottle it. While not challenging in an olfactory sense, this perfume will likely present a far different experience than other “fresh” fragrances you have worn. 

In Mediterra you will find the fresh and salty Mediterranean Ocean, lush citrus and other plant life indigenous to the region. As in all my fragrances, Mediterra is built around on a core of aged natural raw materials, and I added a dash of real seaweed to further enhance its aquatic theme.

Mediterra is the brightest and most summery fragrance in the Reconnaissance Collection, but it is one of my favorites because it evokes fond memories of a happy and careless time and a renewed love for the sea. I can only hope that Mediterra creates this same blissful natural experience for you.

Shipped in a gorgeous 50 ml hand-polished glass crystal bottle with etched golden TWIS logo and solid metal cap in a beautiful white pearlescent box.

Longevity (typical): 8-12 hours

Box depicts a boat sailing on the Mediterranean just off the Almafi Coast and is surrounded by some of the natural materials contained in Mediterra.

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