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Castle walls, blue lotus, jasmine, frankincense, rose, resins, spices, oakmoss, Hawaiian sandalwood, Malaysian oud

Anointment was created because we began to think about the passing of time and about how our family had no symbolic way of denoting specific accomplishments and achievements. So we began to reflect on our past lives and concluded that there must be a perfume oil that should be created to be used to celebrate landmark events and major holidays and that it should be worn only by those who are blessed enough to pass significant milestones in their lives through hard work and growth of character.

No bright citrus opening here due to the solemnity of the times this perfume is intended to be used. Passages contains blue lotus, jasmine, frankincense, rose notes and some reverent resins and spices in the top and middle, some top quality Hawaiian sandalwood, dark Malaysian oud and oakmoss in the base both as fixatives and to give the scent a lengthy drydown.  

Anointment is totally unisex. And congratulations from TWIS on your own significant life accomplishments thus far.

Sold as a 0.25 ml pure perfume (parfum) sample, 3 ml and 6 ml perfume oils.     

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