$ 8.95

Hummingbird chirps, orange blossom, neroli, melissa, jasmine, rose, beeswax, Hawaiian sandalwood

Bouquet by TWIS is a gorgeous floral that defies description. We have yet to encounter anyone in our test groups, especially males, who don't love this fragrance. The primary ingredients in Bouquet are Tunisian orange blossom, neroli, Indian jasmine, and Al Ta'if rose from Saudi Arabia. This fragrance has a citrus opening that quickly gives way to the beautiful flowers that define the composition. Sandalwood from Hawaii is included in this composition as a fixative and to give the fragrance depth.   

Bouquet is a stunning and refreshing daytime fragrance that is also great for evenings out on the town.

Sold as a 0.25 ml pure perfume (parfum) sample, 3 ml and 6 ml perfume oils.     

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