$ 89.00

Arabian nights, mandarin orange, frankincense, neroli, rose, spices, Malaysian oud

Expeditions concentrated perfume oil is meant to take the wearer far back in time to when trade routes between Asia and Europe were being developed. During these expeditions the travelers found many new plants and animals to trade.  As you might expect, this 100% pure natural fragrance is quite different and  more complex than those found in today's mainstream perfume houses. 

This blend is composed using frankincense, rose, oud, Mandarin red orange, orange blossom, neroli and many spices that are still in use today such as coriander and black pepper. Again we have included a good dose of dark Malaysian oud as a fixative and several other ingredients to balance out the composition. Enjoy your journey back in time! 

Expeditions is available in 0.25 ml (sample), 3 ml and 6 ml sizes.

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