Gravity Plus Extrait

$ 145.00

TOP NOTES: Lime, bergamot, lemon, neroli, geranium

MIDDLE NOTES: Lavender, hay, cognac, honey

BOTTOM NOTES: Cypriol, tonka bean, oud, amber, musks 

My inspirations for Gravity Plus were a visit to a barbershop, a football game, a local market and a springtime hike through a field of blooming flowers. I stitched together my sensory inputs from these experiences to formulate a modern fougere with a wink at the genre’s historical precedence. 

I visit my local old-time barbershop on an irregular basis due to both my demanding work schedule and my lack of hair. However, when I enter the shop I pick up this amazing coalition of scents that have literally become part of the woodwork: the Barbasol, the talcum, the hair products, the spices, the lavender, and yes, the interior wood itself. 

I do a lot of hiking through nearby farms and fields, so I often find irresistible smells of freshly cut hay and wildflowers wafting through the air. Also, when I visit my relatives near Phoenix, I am spellbound by the scents of the lime and lemon trees they grow in their backyard. It is there where I breathed in the smell of truly fresh citrus, both ripe and unripe, for the first time, and it had an indelible effect on me. 

Finally, there was this guy at a rainy football game who was sitting behind me. He smelled like he had just tended his garden, but I was intrigued by the earthiness and complexity of his aura. I concentrated on the emotions I had when smelling his shoes, which he was kind enough to lean on the back of my seat. Little does he know that the unintended consequence of his yard work was the addition of earthy oud and cypriol to Gravity Plus.

Shipped in a gorgeous 50 ml hand-polished glass crystal bottle with etched golden TWIS logo, solid metal cap and beautiful white pearlescent box.

Longevity (typical): 18-24 hours

The Gravity Plus box shows a stylized photo of the effect of gravity, and in the photo it is surrounded by some of the natural raw materials this perfume contains.

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