Gravity Plus Extrait

$ 130.00

My inspirations for Gravity Plus were a visit to a barbershop, a NY Giants game, a local market and a leisurely hike through a field of blooming flowers. I stitched together my sensory inputs from these trips to formulate a very modern fougere that is surprisingly unisex with very high longevity.

I visit my local barbershop on an irregular basis due to both my demanding work schedule and my lack of hair. However, when I'm there I always pick up this amazing coalition of fragrances, from the Barbasol to the talcum to the cologne that  my barber always wears. He's a traditionalist from Europe. 

I do a lot of hiking through nearby farms and fields, so the smell of hay is often close at hand. Also, I often visit my relatives near Phoenix, and I am acutely aware of the lime and lemon trees they have in their backyard, and I relish my time with them because I am surrounded by the smells of beautiful citrus, both ripe and unripe.

They have also planted some lavender, but the smell of these plants is much weaker compared to the in-my-face citrus, because lavender does not grow well in Phoenix. The four different lavenders in Gravity Plus Extrait are 100% pure and natural from France, and they are the very best from the Grasse region and they are truly ethereal.    

Then there was the guy at a rainy NY football Giants game who was sitting behind me. He smelled like he had just tended his garden, but I was intrigued by the earthiness and complexity of his aura. I ignored the smell of his spilled beer and instead concentrated on the emotions I had when smelling his shoes, which he was kind enough to lean on the back of my seat. Little does he know that the unintended consequence of his yard work was the final addition of oud and musks to this fragrance. Again, stimuli in nature had unexpectedly produced an olfactory vision which is now present in Gravity Plus. 

I had often wondered if I could create a fragrance that combined all of these seemingly jumbled fragrances. The answer turned out to be "yes". In Gravity Plus I have created a fragrance that captures all of these experiences and emotions, and it packs an unabashed punch that touches your core sensual instincts. Gravity Plus has thus became a unisex fragrance. Or perhaps the women in my test groups fantasized what it would smell like if worn on a man. To be continued...

Shipped in a gorgeous 50 ml hand-polished glass crystal bottle with etched logo, solid metal top and beautiful box.

Longevity (typical): 20-24 hours

Alcohol content: 70%, extrait (the boxes read 80%, but they were printed prior to my electing to release extraits vs EdPs)

TOP NOTES: Lime, bergamot, lemon, neroli, geranium

MIDDLE NOTES: Lavender, hay, cognac, honey

BOTTOM NOTES: Musks, cypriol, tonka bean, oud, amber 


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