PEACE Extrait

$ 145.00

TOP NOTES: Cannabis sativa, tomato leaves, tangerine

MIDDLE NOTES: Cistus, rose, tuberose, iris, orris

BOTTOM NOTES: Tolu balsam, peru balsam, styrax, musks, tonka bean 

My inspirations for PEACE were a camping trip in a lush green forest in Hawaii, my visits to a hippie shop 20 years ago and vivid memories of my past. I melded these experiences into a fantasy perfume that is complex, deep and long-lasting. This perfume will be tough on those not into greenness, but a wonderful experience for those who are. 

Two years ago was hiking in the Valley of the Kings in Hawaii and enjoying the lush, rich and vibrant green. Indeed, this was the greenest and most luxuriant experience I have had while hiking, with moss, ferns and exotic flowers embedded throughout.

Surprisingly, I then smelled cannabis, and as it turned out there were a bunch of college students camping nearby, so I assumed I had found the source of this unmistakable aroma. It was combination of the sharp and quick cannabis and the verdant soft green that cemented my memory of this time. PEACE is an attempt at capturing a fleeting note of cannabis, and behind it is a lush green place that seemingly lasts forever. 

In my younger days, I used to visit a cramped hippie shop that stocked every headache-inducing synthetic perfume oil you could think of, and it inspired me what not to include in PEACE. I have instead upped the ante by using a host of complex natural ingredients. PEACE is definitely not the typical patchouli/musk hippie fragrance that others have produced. 

Note about cannabis sativa: The cannabis essential oil used in PEACE is non-hallucenogenic and legal to possess. It is a product of heat distillation of the plant, which destroys active hallucenogens such as THC. Regardless, it would be "safe", albeit headturning, to apply PEACE at work, as the strong cannabis top note dissipates within minutes after application. If applied prior to leaving home for work, you will show up there as simply being green. 

Very unisex and beautifully green and floral. 

Shipped in a gorgeous 50 ml hand-polished glass crystal bottle with etched golden TWIS logo, solid metal cap in a beautiful white pearlescent box.

Box is a stylized depiction of the earth's continents inside a hoping heart (well, 6 out of 7...sorry Australia), and it is surrounded by some of the natural ingredients contained in the perfume.

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