$ 145.00

TOP NOTES: Elderberry, white woods, tangerine

MIDDLE NOTES: Lavender, tobacco, cedar, jasmine, rose, olibanum

BOTTOM NOTES: Musks, labdanum, vanilla, balsam fir, patchouli

My primary inspiration for SYMBIOS came many years ago while hiking through a forest, where all life depends on the life surrounding it. This is similar to how our own environments shape us, and how we reciprocate by sharing a piece of ourselves with it. This idea was tweaked when I attended a family function where I gathered in the wonderful aromas of fresh pipe tobacco and the elderberries, tangerines and autumn fruits which were used as table centerpieces.

These are some of the natural ingredients which set SYMBIOS apart from the synthetic tobacco-centric perfumes out there. I also added authentic Ta'if rose, ylang ylang and vanilla, taking SYMBIOS to an even higher level. Smooth and easy to wear, SYMBIOS is an everyday perfume which would be welcome at work and play.

This family gathering was pivotal to me because it is when I began to consciously become aware of and process the fragrances in my environment. At the time I was overwhelmed by them, but I grew to be able to separate them and recreate not only the scents, but the feelings they evoked in me. 

Longevity (typical): 10-14 hours

Shipped in a gorgeous hand-polished 50 ml glass crystal bottle with etched golden TWIS logo and solid metal cap in a white pearlescent box.

Box depicts the symbiotic effect of two people in love, and in the photo it is surrounded by some of the natural raw materials this perfume contains.

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